Aloja Starkelsen - Organisation of the Month

Founded in 1991, Aloja Starkelsen Ltd. is a Latvian-Swedish joint venture company and the first food enterprise in Latvia with foreign capital. Potato starch factories have been operating in the Northern part of Latvia close to the town of Aloja since 1937, and Aloja Starkelsen has inherited the valued traditions, knowledge and expertise from the region. Today Aloja Starkelsen Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Swedish Lyckeby Culinar.

In 2009 Aloja Starkelsen began producing organic potato starch, and during the past few years the production has grown rapidly. This is connected to strong relationships between the factory and the organic farmers in Latvia and Estonia. In 2011 Aloja Starkelsen Ltd started cooperation with Finnish Finnamyl Ltd under in order to develop together production and marketing of organic potato starch. European production of organic potato starch is now at a level where customers can rely on constant and sufficient availability of good quality and reasonably priced organic potato starch.

Product of the Month
Aloja Starkelsen Organic potato starch is produced exclusively from potatoes grown on organic farms within the Baltic region – Latvia and Estonia - while Finnamyl procures its organic potatoes in Finland.

Potato starch is made through an extensive process of washing and then separating the starch present in the potato cell walls so that it can be produced into a powdered form. Organic potato starch is ideally suited to use in the food industry, as its water binding capacity is superior when compared to other starches. In most cases switching from other starches to potato starch offers clear benefits in terms of functionality. Potato starch is gluten-free.

Apart from native organic potato starch Aloja Starkelsen produces also cold-swelling (pregel) potato starch. In 2014 we developed an organic double-functioning baking powder based on organic potato starch.

We offer our customers application support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Why we support IFOAM EU
"We believe in the future of organic farming and connect our future development with it very closely. As IFOAM EU demonstrates the competence and organises a wide range of fruitful activities, we fully trust and highly support IFOAM EU's work for the develpment of the organic mindset withing the European community."

Mr. Janis Garancs,
Managing Director
Aloja Starkelsen Ltd.