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With more than 190 members from 32 different European countries, IFOAM EU is recognised by the EU Institutions as the leading advocate for organic food and farming on EU policy.

Together we are stronger and have more influence on the development of our common interest: Making Europe More Organic!

By joining IFOAM you take part in:

IFOAM EU -  Making Europe More Organic
  • Developing a common European Organic Vision 2030
  • Shaping the future of how organic farming, private standards and codes of conduct are regulated in the EU
  • Maintaining a GMO-free food chain with binding European rules to protect GMO-free farming
  • Influencing agricultural, environmental and research & innovation policies and obtaining significant recognition for organic
  • Defining organic as the driving force for sustainable food and farming, while simultaneously providing the highest added value to consumers, especially in contrast with one-issue labels
  • Taking account of global organic and agro-ecological developments by working as part of IFOAM - Organics International – thinking globally, acting locally
  • Engaging organic stakeholders and civil society organisations to create conditions that reward sustainable food and farming, and improve our world environmentally, economically and socially


In the membership form you will find information about the Requirements and types of Membership.

For more information about IFOAM EU membership procedures and advantages, please write us at IFOAMEU_membership [at] or call us +32 (0)2 280 1223.