IFOAM EU in the community

Organic regulation negotiations, time for a change 
FairTrade (EN), 8 June 2017 
EOCC (EN), 8 June 2017 
Organic farming contributes to climate-friendly food systems 
FiBL (DE, EN), 26 April 2017 
General Assembly of FNAB 2017 
FNAB (FR), 4 April 2017 
Have your say in the review of the CAP 
IOFGA Organic Matters 136 08 (EN), 4 April 2017 
11th European Organic Congress 
SLU (SV), 1 April 2017 
IFOAM EU infoservice: March 2017 
Czech technology platform for organic agriculture (CS), 23 March 2017 
United voice key to organic strength post-Brexit, OF&G tells international conference 
OF&G Organic (EN), 14 March 2017 
IFOAM EU Group launches consultation on breeding techniques 
Organic Growers Alliance (EN), 23 February 2017 
Organics lobby makes wish list for CAP reform 
Biojournaal (NL), 27 January 2017 
Drimble (NL), 27 January 2017 
Suolo e Salute (IT), 26 January 2017 
IFOAM EU launches public consultation to establish standards for organic farming 
Suolo e Salute (IT), 10 February 2017 



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