IFOAM EU in the community

United voice key to organic strength post-Brexit, OF&G tells international conference 
OF&G Organic (EN), 14 March 2017 
IFOAM EU Group launches consultation on breeding techniques 
Organic Growers Alliance (EN), 23 February 2017 
Organics lobby makes wish list for CAP reform 
Biojournaal (NL), 27 January 2017 
Drimble (NL), 27 January 2017 
Suolo e Salute (IT), 26 January 2017 
IFOAM EU launches public consultation to establish standards for organic farming 
Suolo e Salute (IT), 10 February 2017 
EU Parliament says no to five new GMO products 
Suolo e Salute (IT), 14 October 2016 
New online platform for organic farmers to exchange knowledge - OK-Net Arable 
IOFGA (EN), 20 October 2016 
ISOFAR (EN), 18 November 2016 
OK-Net Arable (EN), 10 October 2016 
Vilt (NL), 7 October 2016 
IOFGA (EN), 6 October 2016 
FiBL (EN), 4 October 2016 
OK-Net Arable (EN), 3 October 2016 
OK-Net Arable (EN), 2 October 2016 
New organic regulation picking up pace 
Bionext (NL), 7 October 2016 
New member of IFOAM EU - Biovega 
Biovega LogoBiovega (BS), 26 August 2016 
SOLMACC - Climate-friendly practices 
SLU (SE), 23 August 2016 
IFOAM: Agriculture should play its part in emissions reduction 
Suolo e Salute (IT), 21 July 2016 
IOFGA (EN), 21 July 2016 
CAP not delivering the public goods promised 
Suolo e Salute (IT), 21 July 2016
Federbio (EN), 15 July 2016
IFOAM EU infoservice: July 2016
Czech technology platform for organic agriculture (CS), 21 July 2016
Organic regulation negotiations
 Organic agriculture, 5 July 2016
IFOAM Agribio Mediterraneo newsletter
IFOAM Agribio Mediterraneo (EN), 10 June 2016
New representatives of organic products
Luomulehti (FI), Issue 3/2016
Organic farmers urge Commission to ban patents on seeds
Suolo e Salute (IT), 19 May 2016
 Allorganics21 (ES), 18 May 2016
Ekologiska Lantbrukarna (SE), 17 May 2016
Pro Luomu - new member of IFOAM EU
Pro Luomu (FI), 9 May 2016
IFOAM EU "Organic in Europe: Developments and Prospects 2016"
Sinab (IT), 20 April 2016
Fibl (EN), 19 April 2016
Organic Europe (EN), 19 April 2016
Natural Products (EN), 18 April 2016
Natural and Organic Producst (EN), 18 April 2016
Organic market makes billions in Europe
 Ferran sala casasampere (ES), 17 April 2016
Excursion to IFOAM EU’s office in Brussels
aol_die_oko-lebensmittelherstellerAöL (EN), 15 April 2016 [behind paywall]
European organic market reaches to 26 billion euros
Vidasana (ES), 11 April 2016

10th European Organic Congress
10th European Organic Congress: Organic will be the norm in 2030
Bionext (NL), 1 June 2016
IFOAM EU: Food and farming can be transformed through organics
ICROFS (EN), 14 April 2016
aol_die_oko-lebensmittelherstellerAöL (EN), 5 April 2016 [behind paywall]
New IFOAM EU Board presented 
Demeter (DE), 6 April 2016

Secretary of State Van Dam: organic is a concept for the future
Bionext (NL), 5 April 2016
IFOAM EU General Assembly
aol_die_oko-lebensmittelherstellerAöL (EN), 5 April 2016 [behind paywall]

Jan Plagge elected as IFOAM EU Vice-President
BöWL (DE), 5 April 2016
Bio Live Erleben (DE), 5 April 2016
GreenTech (DE), 5 April 2016

Bravo van den Idsert appointed as IFOAM EU Board member
Bionext (NL), 5 April 2016

Developments in organic agriculture central theme of IFOAM EU Congress
 Bionext (NL), 1 April 2016
MVO Nederlands (NL), 1 April 2016
Agro Typos (EN), 21 March 2016
Bionext (NL), 14 March 2016
Announcement of the 10th European Organic Congress 
Bio Actief 31 (NL), 1 April 2016 

New EU regulation maintains strict pesticide thresholds
BioForum (NL), 29 February 2016

New EU organic regulation, EU Policy Day at BIOFACH 2016
MarekThi (video, EN), 17 February 2016

European Commission under fire on IFOAM EU policy day at BioFach 2016
Bionext (NL), 16 February 2016 

The organic sector urges the Commission to classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs
Alltom Biodling (SE), 15 February 2016
SAG (GE), 28 January 2016
Maaseudun uutiset (FI), 14 January 2016
Steps that led to organic wine
Vocazione vino valtenesi (IT), 24 February 2016
European organic market grew to more than 26 billion euros in 2014
Logo organic-market.infoOrganic-market.info (EN), 23 February 2016
Spain is the leading organic food producer in Europe
mercados de medio ambienteMercados de Medio Ambiente (ES), 16 February 2016

IFOAM EU: New challenges for organic processors and traders
Organic Food Friends (EN), 4 February 2016

EU Parliament opposes import of three herbicide-resistant GM crops
 Slowfood newsletter (EN), 4 February 2016



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