Common Agricultural Policy

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Rural Development can play a key role in making agriculture and rural development in Europe greener and fairer, by linking funding to practices that have a positive social, economic and environmental impact. However, the CAP has fostered agro-industrial intensification of EU food and farming at the expense of farmers, rural communities and our natural environment over years. Therefore the IFOAM EU Group advocates for a fundamental greening of the CAP.

CAP Reform 2020-2014 Overview
Since 2010, a new CAP 2014-2020 has been under legislative review by the EU Institutions with a final agreement expected by Summer/Autumn 2013. A fundamental reform is needed to advance sustainable solutions for environmentally friendly agriculture and high quality food production. Organic farming is part of these solutions.

National and Regional Implementation
The IFOAM EU Group is working for good implementation of the new CAP in EU member states and regions. This includes advocating for a new CAP including rural development programmes (RDPs) which place food quality, enhanced environmental delivery and the inclusive development of rural areas at the heart of EU agricultural policy. To make Europe more organic we need a new CAP that fosters agro-ecological approaches, the economic development of organic farming and the mainstreaming of environmental and social sustainability.