Common Agricultural Policy

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Rural Development Programmes have huge potential to support the development of organic farming and agroecological approaches in Europe. Fundamental to reaching this goal is to ensure that CAP funding is targeted at practices that have a positive social, economic and environmental impact on transitioning towards, and further developing more sustainable food and farming systems. Whilst CAP is helping to support these kinds of farming and rural enterprises through successive reforms over the last number of decades, the policy continues to mainly support the agri-industrial intensification of EU food and farming. As a result IFOAM EU continues to advocate for a fundamental reform of the CAP capable of making European agriculture and rural development greener and fairer into the future.

CAP 2020-2014 Overview

The latest reform of the CAP for the period 2014-2020 sees the introduction of new policy instruments, including new regional and national Rural Development Programmes, which come into effect in 2015/2016. IFOAM EU is working for good implementation of the new CAP, in EU Member States and regions, that places food quality, enhanced environmental delivery and the inclusive development of rural areas at the heart of EU agricultural policy. To make Europe more organic, IFOAM EU is also looking towards future reforms that can further foster organic farming and agro-ecological approaches, and mainstream economic and social sustainability.