Environment Committee European Parliament votes against authorising GM soybeans

21 January 2016 - Today, the Environmental Committee of the European Parliament approved a resolution stating that the EU Commission should withdraw its authorisation of three glyphosate-tolerant GM soybeans for use as food and feed in Europe. Glyphosate is an active ingredient in  many compound pesticides widely used in combination with GM crops and has recently been declared as “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organisation.

According to the current GMO authorisation process, the European Parliament is entitled to submit an opinion about the authorisation of GMOs but cannot block their authorisation. In December 2015, the Parliament voted against the authorisation of two kinds of GM maize. This resolution also included a call for the Commission to suspend all approvals until the GMO authorisation process has been reformed.

IFOAM EU calls for a comprehensive review of the current GMO authorisation process. Until the authorisation system becomes more democratic, the Commission will continue to disregard Member States and citizens’ concerns. GMO approvals will continue to lack legitimacy and will face the same controversies.

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