Agribusiness mega-mergers must be stopped: +200 organizations write to Commissioner Vestager

Brussels, 27 march 2017 - The European Commission will decide this week whether to give or not a green light to two agribusiness mega-mergers. If approved, these mergers would only increase problems caused by industrial farming, while the growing interest in organic products shows that the European consumers are looking for a more sustainable food system.

The already very condensed agro-chemical market is moving towards deeper concentration. Six agribusiness companies amongst the worldwide biggest, are proposing to merge: Dow Chemical with DuPont, Syngenta with ChemChina and Monsanto with Bayer AG. The European Commission is currently considering the first two mergers, while the Bayer-Monsanto notification is delayed and expected in few weeks. If merged in three, these mega-companies  would be controlling around 70% of the global market in agro-chemicals and more than 60% of commercial seeds.

Such big market concentration would harm farmers’ and consumers’ freedom of choice and have huge consequences on the environment and food security. Consolidated together, the giant companies would gain even more strength to impose their industrial agribusiness models, promote patents on seed and push for the use of harmful chemicals.

IFOAM EU, with 200 concerned organizations, called on the European Commission to reject mergers in food chains and to shift the support and subsidies towards rewarding and incentivizing small-scale and sustainable agroecological farming.


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