NGOs urge MEPs to object to the authorisation of GM maize varieties

On 5 April, the European Parliament will vote in a plenary sitting on an objection to the use of 21 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for food and feed in the EU. In the run-up to the Wednesday's session 4 NGOs: IFOAM EU, Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace and Slow Food published a joint letter urging the MEPs to object to the authorisation of the GM varieties in question.

The vote relates to Syngenta’s GM maize Bt11 × 59122 × MIR604 × 1507 × GA21 and 20 GM maize varieties combining two, three or four of its events. These GMOs produce their own insecticides and tolerate being sprayed with the herbicides gluphosinate and/or glyphosate.

The risk assessment is incomplete - Syngenta failed to submit any data specific to all 20 sub-combinations. The import of the above mentioned GM maize varieties could expose consumers and farm animals to adverse health effects generated by the herbicides they have been sprayed with.

Moreover, every new GMO authorised in the EU increases the risk of GMO contamination which would jeopardise the development of the organic and GMO-free sector, because of the cost increase to remain GMO-free.

Full letter is available here

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