IFOAM EU supports new website on CO2-emissions from land and forests

IFOAM EU supports the new LULUCF website, showing the importance of the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector to combatting climate change. The website shows how EU Member States perform on the most important elements of the LULUCF regulation.

The EU is currently discussing a new regulation that deals with the climate impact of forests – the LULUCF regulation. This week, EU Member State experts meet for the last time to discuss the details.

Sustainable forestry and land management are crucial to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as atmospheric CO2 can accumulate as carbon in vegetation and soils. We need to protect and restore them to ensure the global temperatures do not increase by more than 1.5 degrees - the target enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

The normally climate friendly countries - including France, Finland, Sweden and Austria - are trying to weaken EU rules on emissions from land and forests. They plan to significantly increase the amount of trees they cut in the next decade and are looking for ways to hide the emissions that will be released.

The new LULUCF website explains what the new regulation entails, and explains the loopholes in it. Are you interested to see how your country performs? Visit lulucf.org.

Farming will become more difficult because of the impacts of climate change, whilst it also significantly contributes to it.. IFOAM EU believes that the agriculture sector should not be let off the hook in the fight against climate change. Find out what we do to combat climate change.

The website is a collaboration between Fern, Carbon Market Watch, Transport & Environment, BirdLife, Climate Action Network and IFOAM EU.

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