Organic Movement welcomes plans to develop a strategy for the organic sector in Greece

Athens, 28 June 2017 – Today, IFOAM EU organised a high-level public event on 'Organic Opportunities for Sustainable Rural development in Greece at the Agricultural University of Athens in association with Attiki Association of Organic Farmers Markets, BioHellas and DIO. The event brought together organic stakeholders and other experts to discuss ways in which a multi-policy framework approach, including the Common Agricultural Policy, can help to support the development of organics. Participants to the event also learned from the Alternate Minister of Rural Development and Food, Yiannis Tsironis, about his intentions to develop a strategy to stimulate a viable future for the organic sector in Greece.

Eduardo Cuoco, Director of IFOAM EU, said, “We welcome the Minister Tsironis’s intentions to further develop organics in Greece and we invite him to start the development of an Organic Action Plan in partnership with the Greek organic movement as a matter of priority. Organic Action Plans are a key tool for policymakers and organic stakeholders to set common objectives, targets and actions that can create the right conditions for the organic sector to flourish. Organics can be seen as a driver of sustainability across the whole food chain delivering on a wide range of economic and societal goals. With the EU organic market growing from year-on-year and valued at 27bn euro in 2015, it offers huge potential to stimulate organic sector development in Greece, but must be backed by a robust policy framework.”

Elias Mavrias from the Attiki Association of Organic Farmers Markets added, “With the stated intentions of Minster Tsironis to develop an organic strategy we trust that the Greek Government will work hard to tailor different policy instruments to meet the needs of the sector. This includes ensuring that clear and stable legal conditions are in place for farmers to sell their produce - particularly for the development of organic farmers’ markets – which are an important marketing channel for farmers. Efforts must also be made to recognise the contribution organic farmers make to the environment and rural areas by prioritising organic farming under the CAP and implementing a strong and stable organic support scheme and strategy, as well as supporting knowledge transfer and innovation for the organic sector. The Greek Organic Movement is looking forward to working in partnership with the Greek authorities, institutions and other stakeholders to make Greece more organic.”

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