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Soil is fundamental to human life on Earth. It holds a multitude of different organisms, which interact and contribute to the global cycles. Soil controls the flow of water and chemical substances between the atmosphere and the earth. It is a key element in a climate system, which helps to regulate amount of CO2 in atmosphere. A healthy soil is crucial for organic agriculture!

Increasing degradation of soils both in the EU and at global level is a dangerous reality for all of us. Erosion, soil sealing, loss of organic matter, compaction, salinisation, landslides and contamination have negative impacts on human health, food security, natural ecosystems, biodiversity and climate, as well as on our economy.

This is why European Citizens’ Initiative People4Soil was created to have soil recognised as a common good by putting pressure on the European institutions to adopt specific legislation on soil protection.

To succeed, European Citizens’ Initiative needs to reach one million signatures until 12 September. If you want to help, take action now and sign the petition!

Read more about the People4Soil initiative and its key demands on their website.

People4Soil is a free and open network of European NGOs, research institutes, farmers’ associations and environmental groups that is concerned about the increasing degradation of soils both in the EU and at global level.

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