IFOAM EU Open Letter: CAP Communication - Explicit link between income support and societal expectations needed

IFOAM EU has called on the European Commission to ensure that the next reform of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) makes a more explicit link between income support and societal expectations.

In an open letter  to the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan, IFOAM EU argues that income support centred on meeting basic sustainability conditionality and complemented by entry-level or more ambitious voluntary schemes will do little to deliver on EU objectives and Member State commitments for the environment and climate action. Instead, IFOAM EU’s states that a more effective and efficient income support model is needed based on the understanding that the more public goods farmers deliver, the more they receive - 100% financed by the EU. Future payments therefore need to be grounded on a more dynamic model of continuous development based on a whole farm system approach. The group adds that the organic approach can play an important role in transitioning the European agri-food sector towards a more sustainable path.

In addition, IFOAM EU also sets out ideas for how sustainability assessment tools could help to enhance the overall effectiveness and acceptability of public goods delivery as part of the next CAP reform. Further information about these ideas can be found in a concept paper, developed by researchers at the Organic Research Institute of Organic Agriculture – FiBL, entitled “Towards a new public goods payment model for remunerating farmers under the CAP Post-2020”.

The Commission is expected to publish its forthcoming Communication on Modernising and Simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy on 29 November. More details about IFOAM EU’s Vision for public goods under the CAP post-2020 can be found here.

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