OFIA Annual Summits

In the years leading to the OFIA Awards, the OFIA secretariat and committee organize annual innovation summits to explore the areas in organic agriculture in need of innovative solutions. They are also an opportunity to present past and present innovations to a large audience.

The first OFIA Summit took take place on September 12, 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, during the 2nd IFOAM Organic Animal Husbandry Conference. The Summit shared innovative experience from around the world including the OFIA winner 2011 from Bangladesh and identified research priorities for organic livelihoods, that were summarized in the event declaration  which can be downladed:

You can download the reader here:

The second OFIA Summit was embedded in the fourth Latin American Congress on Agroecology in Lima in September 2013 http://www.socla-peru.com/ . 250 participants of the 2nd OFIA Summit followed impressive presentations on how to create an innovative climate illustrated on success cases from around the world particularly from Cuba, Bolivia, Kenya and Korea.

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