Pro Eco Organic Africa

Productivity and Profitability of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems
A Comparative Analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa

Within the time frame of 3.5 year (July 2013 – December 2016) the ProEcoOrganicAfrica project will be working towards improving rural livelihoods in Ghana and Kenya, including food supply, nutrition and income security through climate-smart intensification of agricultural systems.

Under the coordination of the project leading organisation FiBL (Research Institute for Organic Agriculture), ProEcoOrganicAfrica intends to generate scientific evidence and knowledge on the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative EOA in Ghana and Kenya. Sound conclusions and recommendations will be drawn on the potential of EOA, to help farmers, especially women, to be economically successful and resilient to the adverse impacts of climate change and socio-economic challenges. Capacity building, networking and a conducive policy environment will be promoted for effective and efficient sharing and exchange of knowledge/experiences to enhance agronomic and scientific know-how.

IFOAM is responsible for all policy and advocacy related activities.

Project Partners

  • Ghana Ministry of Food and Agriculture MOFA
  • International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology icipe
  • International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA
  • Kenya Agricultural Research Institute KARI
  • Louis Bolk Institute LBI
  • University of Ghana UoG
  • International Federation of Organic Agricuture Movements IFOAM

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