Ongoing Projects

Here you can find information about projects that IFOAM is currently implementing. Please visit the links below for details on the projects.

IFOAM main projects

RegionProject NameTime Frame
India, Peru, UgandaCapacity Building for the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers (INOFO)2014 - 2017
Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, MyanmarGreater Mekong Sub-Region Agriculture Support Program - PGS Capacity Building2013 - 2016
DPR KoreaBridges for Organic Knowledge - Building Capacity for Organic Agriculture Development2012 - 2015
GlobalAdvocacy for Productive Ecosystems, Landscapes and Livelihoods2013 - 2015
Republic of KoreaOrganic Agriculture Academy for Extension Agents2012 - 2014
GlobalOrganic Farming Innovation Awardsince 2011
GlobalOne World Awardsince 2008

IFOAM as project partner

RegionProject NameTime Frame
South AfricaThe Green Road map: developing a sustainable community model2014 – 2017
ChinaTransforming the Highly-Polluting and Resource-Consuming Edible Bamboo Shoot Industry into a Sustainable Value Chain2013 – 2017
Armenia, Moldavia, UkraineGreening Economies and Implementing Sustainable Consumption and Production2014 - 2016
EgyptProtecting National Economic Crops via Application of Beneficial Microorganisms to Bio-Control Plant and Human Pathogens in Organic Agriculture - BioGuard2014 - 2016
Ghana, KenyaProductivity and Profitability of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems2013 - 2016


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