Vision 2030


Transforming food & farming - An organic vision for Europe in 2030 slideshow

As organic moves beyond a niche, the organic movement needs to take stocks of what organic has become and what the future holds for us all. The movement needs to be prepared to cope with future political developments, environmental challenges and market trends. IFOAM EU initiated a participatory vision process to prepare the movement to proactively face the future.

We have been taking time to collectively set our own agenda, aiming towards a vision for organic in Europe to 2030. Our aim is to define where the organic sector and movement want to be in 2030 and what strategies are needed to get there.

Read the vision of the European organic movement

Learn about the questions that guided us in the process and answer participants provided
Read the vision document and the final vision.
We started building our shared future in 2013. Revisit the different parts of our journey
Other organic organisations are also working on the future in their own contexts. Read other inspiring ideas how the organic movement can develop
Making our vision into reality is the next step. Together we move from vision to reality