European Education Concept and Forum for Organic Food Processors

EduOFP Concept & Forum - European Education Concept and Forum for Organic Food Processors - the Leonardo da Vinci partnership project ended in July 2013.

The publication "Educational Concept for Organic Food Processors" provides the compilation of the project results. The concept comprises:

- a description of project partners and examples of best practice examples of relevant seminars and trainings
- results of the study on educational needs of the organic processing sector
- an outline of EQF /ECVET benefits
- examples of "learning outcomes" for two qualifications on two levels of EQF (Assistant on level 3 and Manager on level 5)
- a discussion on sustainable learning
- a strategy for promotion and implementation

The Educational Concept for Organic Food Processors, devised by the consortium is a very important step towards harmonization of vocational education and training of the sector in Europe. The concept should be further developed. Meanwhile the project results allow educational institutes and private initiatives to respond to the demand of organic processors and their employees more adequately.

The project partners who set a whole concept in motion will now be leading the standards development. The consortium is aiming at the construction of a modular teaching system, which will form a comprehensive approach.

If you would like to order the concept please contact Sabine Kurpiers at projektmanagement [at]

Join our LinkedIn discussion about educational needs in organic food processing to discuss the implementation and development of the concept. Get involved in preparing the educational offer for the organic food processing sector.

We invite everybody who is  interested to join the initiative to contact project partners for more information and cooperation.

Following organisations were involved in the project partnership:

  • AoeL from Germany as coordinator
  • VBP/Bionext from Netherlands
  • Forum Berufsbildung from Germany
  • Polska Ekologia from Poland
  • Organic Food Finland from Finland

Following organisations have joined different project activities:

  • IFOAM EU Group
  • Synabio from France
  • BioForurm from Belgium
  • Soil Association from United Kingdom
  • BNN from Germany