European Solidarity Corps

IFOAM EU does not offer internships. In order to offer the possibility to young people to get experience in our office, IFOAM EU regularly recruits volunteers for up to 12 months as part of the European Solidarity Corps (previously volunteers were part of the European Voluntary Service, funded by Erasmus +).

Volunteering as part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) provides young people with the unique chance to express their personal commitment through a full-time voluntary activities in a foreign country for a period of up to one year. Young volunteers can develop new skills and, therefore, improve their personal, educational and professional development. More information about ESC is available on the Erasmus+ website.

Open positions - European Solidarity Corps

At the moment there are no open positions with the European Solidarity Corps. New opportunities will be posted on this website around February/March 2019. 


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Testimonials from EVS volunteers

"I can describe my EVS experience in three words - friends, contacts and lifestyle change. Well four words in total :) - every person I met during my stay in Brussels taught me a bit more about myself. I met people who've become my friends, I met people with whom I established a great contact and I met people who changed my lifestyle forever. It was all about relationship and new knowledge. I wish you the best volunteering and life experience! And remember that only you yourself can change they way you look at things.''
– Zane Zake, Latvia, volunteer at IFOAM EU in 2015/2016

“I enjoy to work with people from all around Europe. I have learnt a lot about European cooperation in the field of organic farming research and solutions on how to bridge the gap between farmers and researchers.”
– Kata Gócs, Hungary, volunteer at IFOAM EU in 2016/2017

“The experience in IFOAM EU gave me a better insight on the functioning of the European institutions and policy making while familiarizing myself with the whole European organic sector on the way”
– Tonci Ukas, volunteer at IFOAM EU in 2016/2017

“Volunteering at IFOAM EU is an excellent opportunity to gain more in-depth understanding of the organic sector and the impact of EU legislation. Working in the communication team has taught me the importance and power of the messages we share to make Europe more organic. Beside the knowledge I gain, the vibrant city of Brussels is full of inspiring, smart and interesting people who enrich and refine my experience even more.”
– Triin Viilvere, volunteer at IFOAM EU in 2016/2017

“The EVS experience with IFOAM EU has provided me with an opportunity to grow and develop key skills that are crucial for working within NGOs. Being in the heart of EU politics in Brussels has also been enriching as I was able to attend a wide array of events organized by the Institutions on topics relevant to the organic agriculture movement such as biodiversity, GMOs, climate change and animal welfare. Finally, the experience led me to meet wonderful, interesting people and make meaningful friendships”
– volunteer at IFOAM EU