Food labelling

The labelling of food, including of organic food, informs consumers about the vision behind the production of a given food product. Special attention needs to be paid to ensuring that consumers are not mislead by appropriate food labelling.

Organic provides holistic approach to the environment, society, animal welfare and sustainability and covers wide range of qualities.

On the other hand, "single issue labels" focus on one topic, ignore the big picture and generate confusion as to the value of labels. Unregulated labels may even be based on very low standards of performance. Therefore, from a consumer perspective, the proliferation of single issue food labels is not a positive development.

The IFOAM EU Group monitors the development of different food labelling legislative initiatives in the EU with aim to:

  • Harmonise development of different initiatives on origin labelling and quality logos for as wide a range of products as possible
  • Secure that organic logo is the only eco-label for food and organic production represents highest standards for animal welfare
  • Ensure that labelling of nutritional value does not mislead consumers with regard to the true nutritive quality of products