IFOAM EU in the community from 2014 and before


EU Council supports demands of the organic sector
Biohuis (NL), 19 December 2014
Probila-unitrab (FR), 18 December 2014
BioForum Vlaanderen (NL), 17 December 2014
Bioselena (BG), 17 December 2014

OrganicDataNetwork: successful presentation in Brussels
 OrganicDataNetwork (EN), 3 December 2014
Organic regulation 
Bioselena (EN), 17 December 2014 

Bionext (NL), 21 November 2014

Bioselena (EN), 12 November 2014
IFOAM'S position on the Commission proposal for a new organic regulation
Bioselena (EN), 12 November 2014

IFOAM EU introduces guidelines for pesticide residue contaminations
Biokap (NL), 13 November 2014

IFOAM EU welcomes Parliament's vote on national GMO bans
Arc2020 (EN), 11 November 2014

Third conference of farmers and agroecology at Villena (Alicante)
Probila-unitrab (FR), 17 November 2014
Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica (ES), 31 October 2014

Food sustainability: a failed promise?
Slow Food Europe (EN), 13 October 2014

OrganicDataNetwork: Project overview and main achievements

FiBL film (video, EN), 5 October 2014

IFOAM EU Managing Director Marco Schlüter on the importance of data in IFOAM EU’s work (0:09-0:15)

What happened to the Sustainable Food Communication?
Arc2020 (EN), October 2014

Reflections on the XIth SEAE congress
Chil.org (ES), 3 October 2014

New organic regulation causing temperatures to rise
Arc2020 (EN), 23 September 2014

4 key agri-food policy needs
Arc2020 (EN), 15 September 2014

Organic farming growing in Europe, lagging in the Netherlands
Werkgroep Vrijwillig Landschapsbeheer Den Helder (NL), 15 August 2014
Bionext (NL), 5 August 2014

Naturland presents a comprehensive data bank of the European organic industry
Naturland News International p. 5-6 (EN), August 2014

New Commission proposal for a new organic regulation receives a lukewarm welcome
Vlaams Infocentrum Land- en Tuinbouw (NL), 16 July 2014

Guaranteeing the quality of organic
Bionextcollege (NL), 05 June 2014

Government from Mars, farmers from Venus
 Eeuwige moes met zoete patatjes (NL), 29 April 2014

New handbook about investing in organic biogas
Groengas (NL), 14 March 2014

A closer look at the organic legislation at BioVak
de Loonwerker (NL), 8 January 2014

Definition of sustainable organic biogas reached
Stream Organic (EN), 18 December 2013

IFOAM EU: Workshops biogas and organic farming
Stream Organic (EN), 8 August 2013

COMAGRI position on CAP reform is a vote against agricultural sustainability
Stream Organic (EN), February 2013

EU leaders must raise ambitions to make the future CAP sustainable
Stream Organic (EN), 19 December 2012

Kokopelli verdict harms biodiversity and free trade of seeds
Globalinfo (NL), 23 July 2012

IFOAM EU Conference: Resource efficiency and food security
Stream Organic (EN), 5 September 2011