IFOAM EU in the community 2015


10 European organic congress: Transforming food and farming through organic
Icrofs.dk (EN), 18 December 2015
NOBL (NL), 18 December 2015
IFOAM EU position paper: New Plant Breeding Techniques
StopOGM (FR), 10 December 2015

IFOAM EU infoservice: December 2015
CTPEZ (CZ), 10 December 2015

IFOAM EU Council in consultation with ministries of agriculture
Bionext (NL), 4 December 2015

IFOAM EU welcomes the European Parliament rejection of the "opt-out"  proposal on imports of GMO
BioForum (NL), 9 November 2015
Vlaams infocentrum land-en tuinbouw (NL), 3 November 2015

Europe meets in Bucharest to boost organic farming in Romania
Potato business (EN), 2 November 2015

Organic feed fears
The ScottishFarmer (EN), 29 October 2015

EC: Organic farming "not enough" to address food security 
GreenBiz.lt (IT), 30 October 2015
Brussels CTA (EN), 28 October 2015
IFOAM EU: Keeping GMOs out of organics
Natrue (EN), 28 october 2015

Inspirational ideas: Winter harvest-supporting the development of organic winter growing
EIP-AGRI (EN), 16 October 2015

Moving in the right direction with Parliament vote on organic, but obstacles still remain
Organic Research Centre (EN), 15 October 2015
Agroecologia (ES), 14 October 2015
Agricolas (ES), 14 October 2016
GMO-free regions (EN), 13 October 2015
Save our seeds (EN), 13 October 2015

Bad proposal can have a negative effect on greenhouse cultivation 
Krav (SE), 14 October 2015

Feeding the people: Agroecology for nourishing the world and transforming the agri-food system  
Soel.de (DE), 12 October 2015

FiBL (EN), 5 October 2015

Icrofis.dk (EN), 1 October 2015
SuoloeSalute (IT), 1 October 2015
Kenya Food Right Alliance (EN), 30 September 2015

2015 International Year of Soils
EPRS (EN), 7 October 2015

Marco Schlüter, Director of IFOAM EU, answers Natexpo's questions
Logo Natexpo 2015NatExpo (EN), 29 September 2015
NatexBio (FR), 26 September 2015
OK-Net Arable
NOBL (NL), 24 September 2015
Bioselena (EN), 15 July 2015 

IFOAM EU's vision: the vision of organic movement
Pro Luomu (NL), 22 September 2015
Bio-info (CZ), 17 September 2015

Expo 2015: The role of organic agriculture in fighting climate change
 Facebook (EN), 27 August 2015
LifeGate (EN), 27 August 2015
Green City (IT), 26 August 2015

TPOrganics looks for promising innovations in the organic sector
NOBL (NL), 10 August 2015

British company plans to release GM olive fly in Spain
Biotech Watch (GR), 29 July 2015 

SEAE supports EU organic regulation that will give access to healthy food

Agrodigital (ES), 24 July 2015

Organic Innovation Days - Call for innovation in the organic sector

Organic Growers Alliance (EN), 22 July 2015

EP Research Service (EN), 18 July 2015

IFOAM EU June newsletter

Ekovin (CZ), 12 July 2015

IFOAM EU Farmers Interest group discusses EU policy in Bordeaux
BioForum (NL), 9 July 2015

New manual for cooperation in organic agriculture
BioForum (NL), 9 July 2015

IFOAM EU supported by NATRUE in battle to keep GMO out of organic cosmetics
Nature.org (EN), 6 July 2015
World Press online (EN), 6 July 2015

Organic Innovation Days - call for innovations in the organic sector
Icrofs.dk (EN) 6 July 2015

European project brings together the theory and practice of organic farming
BioForum (NL), 2 July 2015

PRO-BIO Association of Organic Farmers merged with the Association of Food Producers and Processors
Agris.cz (CZ) 27 June 2015

Transforming food & farming: the European organic movement launched its vision for 2030

Soel.de (DE), 19 June 2015

OrganicFarmers.org (EN), 18 June 2015

SuoloeSalute (IT), 18 June 2015

Bionext (NL), 16 June 2015
Ecovalia (ES), 16 June 2015
Probila-unitrab (FR), 16 June
BioForum (NL), 15 June 2015

Ccpae.org (ES), 15 June 2015

EU policies should support organic production and consumption
SuoloeSalute (IT), 18 June 2015
 BioFach China (EN), 16 June 2015

Reasonable compromise on the organic regulation, demands of the organic sector were taken into account
Agroecologia (NL), 16 June 2015
BioNext (NL), 16 June 2015
Probila-unitrab (FR), 16 June 2015

Negotiations about new EU regulation enter final phase 
Bionext (NL), 15 June 2015

The organic sector is against an unworkable decertification limit
Vlaams infocentrum land-en tuinbouw (NL), 12 June 2015

Latest Council compromise: Risk of less harmonized rules for organic in EU
Connature (EN), 12 June 2015
AIAB (IT), 11 June 2015
BioForum (NL), 11 June 2015
Ecovin.de (DE), 10 June 2015

9th European organic congress focuses on new EU regulation and organic vision
Ariza (EN), 11 June 2015
BioNext (NL), 11 June 2015
WFTO (EN), 11 June 2015

9th European Organic Congress
Global Organic Trade (EN), 11 June 2015

EU Parliament draft report on organic regulation heading in the right direction
BioForum (NL), 28 May 2015
Organic Research Centre (EN), 27 May 2015
Euroxpress (ES), 27 May 2015
Probila - unitrab (FR), 26 May 2015

No agreement on a new EU regulation without the organic sector 
Probila-unitrab (FR), 11 May 2015

Farm lobbies join forces to safeguard future of organic farming
Leitrim Organic (EN), 5 May 2015

What is your vision for organic in Europe in 2030?
Gmo-free-regions (EN), 29 April 2015

Organic farmers call for ban on GMOs
Agroecologia (ES), 7 June 2015
Vidasana (ES), 15 April 2015
BioForum (NL), 2 April 2015
Gmo-free-regions (EN), 2 April 2015
GMwatch (EN), 1 April 2015

Interview with IFOAM EU President Christopher Stopes
 Forum for the Future of Agriculture (video, EN), 2 April 2015

Ministers display a diversity of opinions on organic
Probila-unitrab (FR), 16 March 2015

BöWL demands tough negotiations for the organic regulation in Brussels
BöWL (DE), 13 March 2015

TP Organics publishes review of strategic research and innovation agenda for organic farming
NOBL (NL), 26 February 2015

EU Organic Regulation must support sector development, not hamper its growth
Suoloesalute (IT), 19 February 2015
The Organic Research Centre (EN), 17 February 2015

Lokvina (HR), 13 February 2015

CCPAE (CA), 11 February 2015

EU Commissioner Phil Hogan stresses the importance of reform EU organic legislation
BioForum (NL), 18 February 2015
Biofach 2015 - IFOAM EU: New challenges for organic Processors and Traders
Organic food Finldan (EN), 4 February 2015

EU Member States may ban cultivation of GMOs
Bionext (NL), 15 January 2015
CTPEZ (CZ), 15 January 2015

Organic regulation - ready for the future?
Bionext (NL), 15 January 2015

New EU regulation on GMO crops will not protect organic farming


Institute for Sustainable Development (SI), 14 January 2015

The ban on the use of copper in agriculture limits the development of organic farming in Europe
CTPEZ (CZ), 8 January 2015

European Commission will review the new EU organic regulation proposal
BioForum (NL) 7 January 2015

Recommendations for the development of organic production
Agroecologia (ES), 7 January 2015
Global agri-food system needs fundemental change 
Bioselena (EN), 29 September 2015