IFOAM EU in the media from 2014 and before


EU does not want a complete review of the rules of organic agriculture
DiariodeAlmeria (ES), 22 December 2014

Latvia to focus on 'long-term agricultural production'
The Parliament Magazine (EN), 18 December 2014

EU Council supports organic sector demands on agriculture
Agrozona (BG), 18 December 2014

Organic aquaculture: EU postpones clarification origin of juveniles
Bio-Markt.info (DE), 16 December 2014

Plenty of change in short political week
 Irish Examiner (EN), 11 December 2014 

European organic organisation: "The best and cheapest way to safeguard organic farming and non-GMO crops, is to prohibit GM cultivation"
Agronews Castilla Y Léon (ES), 10 December 2014

Large coalition against total revision of the organic regulation
Agronews Castilla Y Léon (ES), 9 December 2014

Organic-Market.info (EN), 8 December 2014

MEPs and Council strike deal to give stronger rights to ban GM crops
Agrafacts (EN), December 2014

IFOAM EU urges for radical review of the proposed organic regulation

Biojournaal (NL), 4 December 2014

Drimble (NL), 4 December 2014

IFOAM EU on GMO proposal: Governments should be able to protect their national interests
Biojournaal (NL), 2 December 2014
Drimble (EN), 2 December 2014
News Locker (NL), 2 December 2014

IFOAM EU letter on organic aquaculture
Organic-Market.info (EN), 29 November 2014

The future of organic processing discussed at IFOAM EU conference
Ingrébio (FR), 27 November 2014

Organic processors in Paris: European conference demands changes to the planned organic regulation
BIOECO ACTUAL (CA), 6 December 2014
Organic-Market.info (EN), 24 November 2014
AgriHolland (NL), 20 November 2014

MEPs vote to strengthen GM opt-outs
Natural Products News (EN), 20 November 2014

DG Sanco responsible for Sustainable Food Communication
Organic-Market.info (EN), 19 November 2014

IFOAM EU Director calls proposal for a new EU regulation 'overambitious'

Biojournaal (NL), 14 November 2014

Drimble (EN), 14 November 2014

Organic regulation debate with Martin Häusling
Organic-Market.info (EN), 14 November 2014

European Parliament approves new commissioners
Organic-Market.info (EN), 12 November 2014

ICEA's Antonio Compagnoni elected representative of IFOAM EU Council
 Greenbiz.it (IT), 11 November 2014
 Olio Officina Magazine (IT), 11 November 2014

IFOAM EU publishes position on new organic regulation 
Drimble (NL), 11 November 2014

Environmental concerns can justify GMO bans!
Agri.EU (EN), 11 November 2014
Organic-Market.info (EN), 11 November 2014

EU Parliament votes to give European countries legally solid right to ban GM cultivation
GmWatch (EN), 11 November 2014

Organic agriculture in Europe is growing
 Fruchtportal.de (DE), 29 October 2014

Organic industry leaders confirmed for Nordic Organic Food Fair 2014
Organic-Market.info (EN), 22 October 2014

KRAV wants to Swedish government to take a stand against the EU organic regulation proposal
Mynewsdesk.com (SE), 14 October 2014

GMO ban by Member States possible in the future?
 Eko Arka (PL), 8 October 2014

Paris: 3rd Organic Processing Conference
Organic-Market.info (EN), 6 October 2014

IFOAM EU to present new project to avoid GMO contamination in organic and natural food
Natural Products News (EN), 2 October 2014

Risk-based organic controls
Bio-Market.info (DE), 2 October 2014

7th International trade fair for organic and regional food - Natura Food 2014
 Dziennik Lódzki (PL), 2 October 2014
8th European Organic Congress
conipiediperterraCon i Piedi per Terra (IT), 11 September 2014 

Concerns voiced over proposed organic sector revamp - conference
Agra Europe (EN), 11 September 2014

Organic: a strategic sector for Italy and Europe
AgroNotizie (IT), 11 September 2014
 IlikePuglia.com (IT), 10 September 2014

Italy aims for organic legislation deal by end of December

Agra Europe (EN), 10 September 2014

Countering climate change in agriculture
Organic-Market.info (EN), 8 September 2014
Schönes Landleben XXL (2)

NDR.de (video, DE), 31 August 2014

IFOAM EU Managing Director Marco Schluter speaks about the farm and the importance of organic agriculture (1:18:55-1:20:24)

Reform EU organic regulation will make organic rules stricter
 Maaseudun Tulevaisuus (FI), 10 August 2014

Organic is booming in the EU, but we are falling behind
 Levensmiddelenkrant.nl (NL), 5 August 2014

Organic sector says 'no' to a complete revision of the organic regulation
BioEco Actual (CA), 3 August 2014

Opportunities for innovation in organic farming
 Eko Arka (PL), 1 July 2014

Proposed new organic sector rules ‘inadequate’, says sector
Agronews Castilla Y Léon (ES), 7 May 2014
Agra Europe (EN), 6 May 2014

Organic farming overhaul in Europe may boost research
American Association for the Advancement of Science (EN), 26 March 2014

Stakeholders welcome EU organic proposals, suggest amendments

Agra Europe (EN), 24 March 2014

Organic farmers concerned about seed
Agronews Castilla Y Léon (ES), 28 November 2013

IFOAM EU 10th anniversary interview with Director Marco Schluter
Organic-Market Info (YouTube interview, EN), 10 November 2013

Commission looks at possible revamp of organic farming legislation
 EurActiv (EN) 7 August 2013

Taking the GMO risk out of Europe's food production
EurActiv (EN), 7 June 2013