IFOAM EU in the media 2015


The organic sector urges the Commission to classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs
Biotech Watch (GR), 16 December 2015

EU has to take steps to achieve biodiversity goals
Biojournaal (NL), 17 December 2015

The 10th European Organic Congress to take place in the Netherlands
Frucht Portal (NL), 9 December 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 7 December 2015
Green Planet (IT), 4 December 2015

Organic innovation days in Brussels to contribute to societal challenges

Organic-market.info (EN), 9 December 2015

Green Planet (IT), 4 December 2015

IFOAM EU Council in consultation with ministries of agriculture
Biojournaal (NL), 4 December 2015
Drimple (NL), 4 December 2015

Earth to Paris: The organic movement calls for an end to high-emitting industrial farming practices
Diplomatic Intelligence (EN), 27 November 2015
Connature (EN), 26 November 2015

Paris climate conference to start a day early
The ObserverVoice (EN), 27 November 2015

EU research money should be increasingly invested in organic farming
Organic-market.info (EN), 26 November 2015

The place of agriculture at the COP21
Organic-market.info (EN), 26 November 2015

COP21 Paris: Political hotspot 
BioEco Actual (ES), 25 November 2015

What we want from the Paris climate agreement
Diplomatic Inteligence (EN), 25 November 2015

Finns and Norwegians want to work more with their "organic neighbours"
Agf (NL), 24 November 20015
Biojournaal (NL), 20 November 2015
EurActiv (EN), 19 November 2015

The number of visitors to the Nordic Organic Food Fair and Natural Products in 2015 increased by 10%
My News Desk (SE), 18 November 2015
Business wire (EN), 6 November 2015

Market cooperation, not policy, is driving record growth of organic in Scandinavia
Natural Products online (EN), 7 November 2015

Europe meets in Bucharest to boost organic farming in Romania
ActMedia. eu (EN), 3 November 2015

Expo Milano: Brazil and EU agree that organic innovation is key to solving today's challenges

Organic-market.info (EN), 25 November 2015

Organic-market.info (EN), 29 October 2015

EU lawmakers reject national bans on GMO food, feed imports
EurActiv (EN), 29 October 2015

Organic farming "not enough" to address food security, says Commission
FarmingUK (EN), 24 October 2015
EurActiv (RO), 22 October 2015
EurActiv (EN), 21 October 2015

Eric Gall: Organic farming should be priority for the new CAP
EuroFunds News (PL), 21 October 2015

No to 'climate smart agriculture', yes to agroecology
Ecologist (EN), 21 October 2015

IFOAM EU: New Horizon 2020 work programme
Organic - market info (EN), 19 October 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 16 October 2015

Reformed CAP aims to respond to global food security challenge
EurActiv (EN), 19 October 2015

Moving in the right direction with Parliament vote on organic, but obstacles still remain
Biojournaal (NL), 15 October 2015
AgraFacts (EN), 14 October 2015
Agronews Castilla Y Léon (IT), 14 October 2015
Bio-markt.info (NL), 13 October 2015
Organic-market.info (EN), 13 October 2015

EU politicians agree to strengthen organic rules
The Fish site (EN), 16 October 2015
The Pig site (EN), 15 October 2015
The Cattle site (EN), 15 October 2015

MEPs adopt position on revision of EU organic rules
Agra Europe (EN), 13 October 2015

IFOAM EU published a report on how organic can feed the planet
BioEco Actual (CA), 5 October 2015 

Feeding the people: Global agri-food system needs fundamental change
The Agroecologist (EN), 30 September 2015
Diplomatic Intelligence (EN), 30 September 2015

Organic Vision 2030 - a vision of the European organic movement 
Agris (CZ), 19 September 2015

Organic farming is an ally against climate change
AgroNotizie (IT), 31 August 2015

The new organic regulation should be practical and earns the farmers' trust
Fruchtportal (DE), 31 August 2015

Expo 2015: The role of organic agriculture in fighting climate change
Spettacol news (IT), 25 August 2015

Organic farmers can lose their accreditation
Fermera.bg (BG), 19 August 2015

Organic niche at Expo 2015
Organic-market.info (EN), 19 August 2015

Businesses call for fairer nature law implementation
ENDS Europe (EN), 7 August 2015

Incorporating agroecology into organic research
Sustainable Agriculture Research (EN), 3 August 2015

Marco Schluter: Small farmers in Bulgaria need to be encouraged and their products should be promoted in the EU 
Focus-news.net (BG), 1 August 2015

The doubts about the control and the decertification thresholds 
IngreBio (FR), 31 July 2015

The new EU organic regulation: encouragement for organic transition
IngreBio (FR), 31 July 2015

Balkan Organic Forum held in Panagyurishte, Bulgaria
Focus-fen.net (EN), 28 July 2015
Focus-news.net (BG), 27 July 2015
AgroBG (BG), 26 July 2015

CAP: Still a work in progress
EurActiv (EN), 24 July 2015

IFOAM EU advocates for democratisation of the GMO process
Biojournaal (NL), 23 July 2015
Drimble (NL), 23 July 2015

UK: Changes in shopping habits bring tremendous opportunities for organic companies
Fruchtportal (EN), 22 July 2015

More government backing urged for organic sector
Press&Journal (EN), 14 July 2015

Organic Innovation Days in December
Organic-Market.info (EN), 14 July 2015

Bioselena will participate in the OK-Net Arable project
AgroBG (BG), 13 July 2015
NovinarBG (BG), 13 July 2015

IFOAM EU Farmers Interest Group discusses EU policy in Bordeaux 
Biojournaal (NL), 13 July 2015

Say (organic Swiss) cheese 
Politico.com (EN), 9 July 2015

IFOAM EU supported by NATRUE in battle to keep GMO out of organic cosmetics
Canadian Packaging (EN), 6 July 2015
OK-Net Arable for more knowledge exchange in organic farming
Farming UK (EN), 7 July 2015 

IFOAM EU: The share of organic agriculture should be up to 50% in 2030
Agf (NL), 7 July 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 3 July 2015
Drimble (NL), 3 July 2015

IFOAM EU June newsletter
 Echetle.info (GR), 2 July 2015

Hogan urged to study protein crops in EFAs
AgraFacts (EN), 1 July 2015

IFOAM EU: Organic Vision and Strategies for Europe in 2030
Fruchtportal (DE), 6 July 2015
Organic-Market Info (EN), 1 July 2015
Bio-Markt.info (DE) 29 June 2015

Ok-Net Arable for more knowledge exchange in organic farming
Organic-Market Info (EN), 1 July 2015 

EU organic industry says no to new regulation
Soll-galabau (DE) 13 July 2015 
Organic Wellness News (EN), 27 June 2015 

Reasonable compromise on the organic regulation, demands of the organic sector were taken into account
GlobalMeat News (EN), 19 June 2015

Loophole could cut EU ETS cap by up to 304m tonnes in 2021 - study
Carbon Pulse (EN), 18 June 2015

New research shows risk of including land use and forests in EU's emissions target
AgraFacts (EN), 19 June 2015
Klimaschutz (DE), 17 June 2015
Green Tech (DE), 16 June 2015
Ee news (DE), 16 June 2015
ENDS Europe (EN), 16 June 2015
Klimaretter Info (DE), 16 June 2015
Idw-online (DE), 15 june 2015
Idw-online (EN), 15 June 2015
JuraForum (DE), 15 June 2015

IFOAM EU president Christopher Stopes: Organic Vision for Europe
Organic-Market info (video, EN), 17 June 2015

GMO-free zones: Caution beyond alarmism
BioEco Actual (ES), 16 June 2015

Ministerial position on organic paves way for a deal with EP by year's end
AgraFacts (EN), 16 June 2015

Organic compromise a “step in right direction”, IFOAM
AgraFacts (EN), 16 June 2015

Transforming food & farming: the European organic movement launched its vision for 2030
Bio-Marche Info (FR) 13 August 2015
Agricr Plus (CZ), 16 June 2015
AgriPress World (EN), 16 June 2015
AgriHoland news (NL), 16 June 2015
BioEco Actual (ES), 16 June 2015
Organic-Market info (EN), 16 June 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 15 June 2015
FoodHoland.nl (NL), 15 June 2015

European Organic Congress: Closing speech after the 1st day by Director Marco Schlüter
eu2015.lv (video, EN), 15 June 2015

European Organic Congress - Launch: Vision for organic food and farming to 2030
eu2015.lv (video, EN), 15 June 2015

European Organic Congress: Opening plenary 
eu2015.lv (video, EN), 15 June 2015

European Organic Congress: Organic regulation - towards final agreement?
eu2015.lv (video, EN), 15 June 2015

European Organic Congress: Presentations of workshop results and discussion 
eu2015.lv (video, EN), 15 June 2015

European Organic Congress: Roundtable discussion
eu2015.lv (video, EN), 15 June 2015

EU policies should support organic production and consumption
AgroBG (BG), 15 June 2015
GlobalMeat News (EN), 13 June 2015
Organic - Market info (EN), 12 June 2015

Latest Council compromise: Risk of less harmonised rules for organic in EU
BioEco Actual (ES), 16 June 2015
T&G Monto Agricolo (IT), 14 June 2015

European Organic Congress - On the eve of decision on the future of organic farming
ZM.gov.lv (EN), 9 June 2015
eu2015.lv (EN), 9 June 2015

Organic reform: Revised text next week as Latvia scrambles for a deal
AgraFacts (EN), 5 June 2015

IFOAM progress in EU regulation saga
EUpolitics News (EN), 4 June 2015
IrishExaminer (EN), 4 June 2015

We need an organic growth agenda for Europe
BioEco Actual (ES), 4 June 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 3 June 2015
 Echetle Info (EN), 2 June 2015

EU farm ministers edge closer to common position on organic reform
AgraFacts (EN), 2 June 2015

Producers warn over decertification
AgraFacts (EN), 2 June 2015

Organic reform: Council deal in reach but pesticide residues still divide
AgraFacts (EN), 2 June 2015

Draft report on the new EU regulation for organic farming headed in the right direction
Natural Product online (EN), 2 June 2015
BioEco Actual (ES), 28 May 2015
Euro Xpress (ES), 28 May 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 27 May 2015
BioEco Actual (ES), 27 May 2015

GMO imports: Modifying the genetics of the internal market?
AgriLand (EN), 29 May 2015
viEUws (video, EN), 27 May 2015

Brussels briefing on agriculture: All you need to know for May & June 2015
viEUws (video, EN), 26 May 2015

No agreement on a new EU regulation without the organic sector
AS espana (ES), 20 May 2015

European Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for organic food and farming
Organic-Market Info (EN), 19 May 2015

Campaigners optimistic about organic welfare labelling progress at EU
GlobalMeat News (EN), 18 May 2015

EU regulatory deadlock welcomed by organic groups
Food Navigator (EN), 12 May 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 12 May 2015
AgraFacts (EN), 11 May 2015

Farm lobbies join forces to safeguard future of organic farming
AgraFacts (EN), 8 May 2015

IFOAM EU sets its vision for the future of organic sector
Ökologie & Landbau (NL), 30 April 2015

What is your vision for organic in Europe in 2030?
Biojournaal (NL), 28 April 2015

Commission retreats on GM imports
Politico (EN), 9 April 2015

Organic farmers call for ban on GMOs
BioEco Actual (ES), 6 April 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 1 April 2015

The future of agriculture in the circular economy
La France Agricole (FR), 1 April 2015

Interview: Commission's organic rules agreement deadline is unfeasible
Agra Europe (EN), 20 March 2015

Registration for the 9th European Organic Congress opened
Food News International (EN), 24 June 2015
BioEco Actual (ES), 19 June 2015
AGF (NL), 17 June 2015
Biojournaal (NL), 17 June 2015
Gourmand Gazette (NL), 17 June 2015
Gencat cat (ES), 16 June 2015
Luomulitto (FI), 16 June 2015

IFOAM EU congress: Summary and visions
Organic-Market Info (NL), 22 June 2015

9th European Organic Congress - Vision 2030
Organic-Market Info (video, EN), 21 June 2015
Organic-Market Info (video, DE), 21 June 2015

Industry congress hears EU organic meat producers back reform of European standards
Organic Life (EL), 18 March 2015

'No' to rushing decision making
Biojournaal (NL), 17 March 2015
BioEco Actual (ES), 14 March 2015

EU organic deal not likely possible by deadline, says sector
Agra Europe (EN), 13 Mach 2015

Organic biogas sustainable way to avoid ILUC, hearing told
Agra Europe (EN), 11 March 2015

Phil Hogan: CAP may be reformed again in 2017
Agra Europe (EN), 5 March 2015

EU needs a regulatory push for truly organic products 
Food & Drink Europe (EN), 24 February 2015

IFOAM EU: EU organic regulation must support sector development 
Luomuliitto (FI), 19 March 2015

CAP may be reformed again in 2017
Agra Europe (EN), 5 March 2015

A proposal for new EU organic regulation 
Red sustentable (ES), 17 February 2015

Revolt grows against EC's fast-tracked organic rules change 
Natural Products News (EN), 15 February 2015

EU organic regulation must support sector development, not hamper its growth
 Allorganics21.blogspot.be (ES), 13 February 2015
Organic Life (EL), 13 February 2015
Agrafacts (EN), 11 February 2015

Common Agricultural Policy of the EU discussed in Jurmala
Baltic-course (EN), 9 February 2015

'Good food, Good farming' conference
Agrafacts (EN), 6 February 2015

Discuss the organic regulation at IFOAM EU policy day at BioFach
Organic Life (EL), 5 February 2015
Organic-market.info (EN), 30 January 2015
Organic Life (EL), 3 February 2015
Agrafacts (EN), 16 January 2015

Organic integrity beyond certification and Quality Management Systems
The Organic Standard (EN), Issue 155/2015

The new organic regulation on debate at BioFach
The Organic Standard (EN), Issue 155/2015

EU policy day at BioFach: Commission proposal for a new organic regulation
 Organic & Wellness News (EN), 24 January 2015

Green groups fear MEP's vote will create GM crop fast-track
Natural Products News (EN), 13 January 2015