Objectives and activities

The project ‘Keeping GMOs out of organic’ will identify the difficulties faced by the organic sector to remain GMO-free and develop practical solutions. It will advocate for policy frameworks that ensure rights to GMO-free producers at the European level. The project will also help IFOAM EU’s members in their own advocacy work at national level.

Overall objective: To protect the GMO-free production chain against contamination by GMOs and therewith ensure an economic perspective for sustainable and organic producers in Europe, by encouraging strategies and policies to mitigate the contamination risk.

To achieve the overall objective, the project is structured into different activities:

  1.  Development of GMOs experts network
  2. Provide information and develop strategies on new genetic engineering techniques
  3. Organise roundtables and workshop
  4. Develop practical tools for the organic sector
  5. Advocacy

For further information, contact Pauline Verrière: pauline.verriere (at) ifoam-eu.org