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Organic Regulations
Common Agriculture Policy and Rural Development
Climate Change
Vision 2030
Fairness & Transparency
Farm, Food & Environment
Research and Innovation

Organic Regulations

EU rules for organic wine production: Background, evaluation and further sector development 2013

European Organic Regulations (EC) No 834/2007, 889/2008 and 1235/2008 2012
An Evaluation of the First Three Years: Looking for Further Development
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Guideline for pesticide residue contamination for international trade in organic 2012

Common Agriculture Policy and Rural Development

Using Eco-schemes in the new CAP - A guide for managing authorities 2020

Using the eco-scheme to maximise environmental and climate benefits 2019

Towards a new public goods payment model for remunerating farmers under the CAP Post-2020 2018

CAP 2014-2020: Organic farming and the prospects for stimulating public goods April 2016

Organic in Europe: prospects and developments 2016

Organic Cooperative Approaches to Rural Development: A Manual for Stakeholders 2015

Transitioning Towards Agroecology: Using the CAP to build new food systems 2015

Organic in Europe: prospects and developments 2014

Proposal for a new EU Common Agricultural Policy 2010

The long term development of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP):
 Analysis and recommendations for an ecological orientation of agricultural policies, Lutz Ribbe, May 2009
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The future of organic farming in Europe:
How do European Rural Development Programmes support Organic Farming? 2009
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All techniques of genetic modification must be regulated (leaflet) 2018

Practical guidelines: How to avoid GMOs contaminations - For farmers, food & feed processors 2018

Socio-Economic Impacts of GMOs on European Agriculture 2017

Preventing GMO contamination: An overview of national "coexistence" measures in the EU 2014

Economic impacts of labelling thresholds for the adventitious presence of genetically engineered organisms in conventional and organic seed 2009
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Climate Change

Agroecology and carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050: what are the issues? Findings from the TYFA modelling exercise 2018

Organic farming, climate change mitigation and beyond: reducing the environmental impacts of EU agriculture (also available in Spanish) 2016

Impacts on the EU 2030 climate target of including LULUCF in the climate and energy policy framework 2015

Mitigating the Impact of agriculture on air quality and climate change: Solutions for Improved Nitrogen Management 2014

Vision 2030

Transforming food and farming - Making it happen 2017

Transforming food and farming - An organic vision for Europe in 2030 2015


New seed legislation is needed 2015

LIVESEED - Boosting organic seed and plant breeding across Europe 2018
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Fairness & Transparency

The Unfair Trading Practices Directive: a transposition and implementation guide 2019

Taxation as a tool towards true cost accounting - Study on the reduction of VAT for organic products & increased taxes for environmentally unfriendly pesticides commissioned to Soil & More Impacts 2019

Farm, Food & Environment

Organic Action Plans: Development, Implementation and Evaluation second edition 2018

Organic Action Plans: A guide for stakeholders 2015

Feeding the people: Agroecology for nourishing the world and transforming the agri-food system 2015

Agroecological family agriculture in Latin America in a climate change context 2014

Organic youth guide 2014

Organic agriculture: A strategy for climate change adaptation 2012

Resource efficiency and organic farming: Facing up to the challenge 2011

Organic farming and biodiversity in Europe: Examples from the Polar Circle to Mediterranean Regions 2010

Organic food and farming: A system approach to meet the sustainability challenge 2010

Organic agriculture – A guide to climate change and food security 2009

Organic agriculture contributes to climate change mitigation 2009

Organic agriculture contributes to climate change adaptation: The African case 2009

Research and Innovation

Innovating for organics - Organic Agriculture in EIP-AGRI Operational Groups 2017

Strategic research and innovation agenda 2014

Action plan for innovation and learning 2014

The European Innovation Partnership: Opportunities for innovation in organic farming and agroecology 2014
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Implementation action plan for organic food and farming research 2010

Strategic research agenda for organic food and farming 2009

Vision for an organic food and farming research agenda to 2025 2008