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Organic Regulations
Common Agriculture Policy and Rural Development
Fairness & Transparency
Farm, Food & Environment
Research and Innovation

Organic Regulations

Interpretation Note on the use of lithothamnium in organic processed products March 2018 

Position paper on Organic textile: Protecting the integrity of the organic label December 2017

Interpretation Note on Art. 91 of Regulation (EC) No 889/2008 December 2016

Reaction to the EGTOP reports on Food 22 September 2015

Position on the Use of Non-organic Juveniles in Organic Aquaculture 14 May 2015

Position on the Commission proposal for a new organic regulation: A Roadmap towards sustainable growth of the EU organic sector updated 15 January 2015

Position and Assessment on the new EU Organic Action Plan 19 December 2014

Background information on Environmental Performance 19 December 2014

Position on the Commission proposal for a new organic regulation: A Roadmap towards sustainable growth of the EU organic sector 6 November 2014

On Residue Threshold in Organic Products 26 February 2014

On the consultation document on the "European action plan on organic food and farming" November 2013

Policy option to improve the legislative and political organic framework July 2013

On the Review of the Legal and Political Framework for Organic Farming May 2013

On the Commission Report to the European Parliament and the Council February 2013

Organic Greenhouse Production February 2013

Labelling of Origin Required on Products Labelled with the EU Organic Logo December 2012

Controls in Organic Production and Processing October 2012

Actions recommended for improving the credibility of organic imports from third countries October 2012

Organic Poultry Production and Rearing May 2012

Additive Interpretation Note April 2012

Flexibility in the Organic Regulation February 2012

Organic Greenhouse Production January 2012

Organic Poultry Production and Rearing January 2012

Organic Wine Making Rules – Sulphite Reduction July 2011

Position / Amendments regarding Commission Document on Organic Wine Making rev3 SCOF 14-15 December 2009

Position / Amendments regarding Commission Document on Organic Wine Making rev2 SCOF 19-20 November 2009

IFOAM EU Group Wine Task Force second round discussion, October 2009

IFOAM EU Reaction to COM paper SCOF 19-20 October 2009

On Organic Wine Processing September 2009

Assessment of the New EU Organic Regulations May 2009

Dealing with Pesticide Residues in Organic Products February 2005

Common Agriculture Policy and Rural Development

Towards a post-2020 CAP that supports farmers and delivers public goods to Europeans: Avoiding a race to the bottom - An ambitious and better targeted CAP October 2018

Towards a new public goods payment model for remunerating farmers under the CAP Post-2020 - Potential of sustainability assessment tools for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and acceptance of the CAP December 2017

A CAP for healthy farms, healthy people and healthy planet: public money must deliver public goods January 2017

Support a greener and fairer CAP! MEPs have the power to strengthen the Commission’s proposals in the CAP reform Plenary Vote March 2013
To Members of the European Parliament
By ARC 2020

Reaction to the CAP Legislative Proposals 2014-2020 January 2012

Reform proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy June 2012
Common briefing of BirdLife Europe, the European Environmental Bureau, the IFOAM EU Group and WWF

A Communication from Civil Society to the European Union Institutions on the future Agricultural and Rural Policy November 2010
arc2020: agricultural & rural convention
English French German Italian Spanish

CAP post 2013: Smart change or business as usual? May 2010
English Hungarian Italian

Proposal for a new EU Common Agricultural Policy post 2013: Smart change or business as usual? March 2010
Common Vision of BirdLife Europe, the European Forum for Nature Conservation and Pastoralism, the European Environmental Bureau, the IFOAM EU Group and WWF


Plant Reproductive Material in the new Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848 May 2019

Towards More Crop Diversity May 2013
Adapting Market Rules for Future Food Security, Biodiversity and Food Culture

Community Programme on Genetic Resources in Agriculture - Stakeholder Consultation January 2012
IFOAM EU contribution


New techniques of genetic engineering: Why EU GMO law must be fully applied to the so-called ‘New Plant Breeding Techniques’ March 2016
Joint position paper with Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth Europe, Slow Food, Reseau Semences Paysannes, European Coordination Via Campesina, Arche Noah, Gene Watch UK, GMFreeze, CEO, IG Saatgut, BUND, TestBiotech, EcoNexus, GM Watch, Global 2000

New Plant Breeding Techniques position paper December 2015

Comments on the three-year work programme of the European GMO Socio-Economic Bureau (ESEB) submitted by the IFOAM EU Group" 17 June 2013

EFSA Guidance on ERA of GMO - Stakeholder Consultation November 2010
IFOAM EU contribution

Malta declaration: IFOAM EU Group calls for a moratorium on the cultivation of GMO March 2010

Co-existence between GM and non-GM crops: Necessary anti-contamination and liability measures October 2003

Fairness & Transparency

Position Paper on the Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on Unfair Trading Practices September 2018

Farm, Food & Environment

Position Paper on Agroecology December 2019

Position Paper on Brexit October 2018

Sustainability Principles for the Future EU Budget June 2017
SDG Watch Europe, IFOAM EU et al.

Scenario 6: Sustainable Europe for its Citizens June 2017
SDG Watch Europe, IFOAM EU et al.

People4Soil European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) January 2016
SDG Watch Europe, Friends of the Earth Europe, IFOAM EU et al.

Position on the Commission proposal for a new fertiliser regulation February 2017

Position on Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) and Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry Regulation (LULUCF) February 2017

Revision of the EU GPP criteria for Food and Catering Services December 2016

Plant Health Care in Organic Farming April 2016

Public Consultation fo the European Commission on the integration of agriculture, forestry and other land use into the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework June 2015

Input to Evidence Gathering for the Fitness Check of the EU Nature Directives April 2015

Principles and Recommendations: LULUCF and the EU climate and energy framework for 2030 March 2015

Public Consultation of the European Commission on the Sustainability of the Food System  27 September 2013
Contribution of IFOAM EU, answers to the Questionnaire

LULUCF voting recommendations October 2012
on the report on accounting rules and action plans on greenhouse gas (GHG)  missions and removals resulting from activities related to Land Use, Land Use Changes and Forestry (LULUCF)

Crop Rotation: Benefiting farmers, the environment and the economy July 2012
Pesticide Action Network, Friends of the Earth Europe, the IFOAM EU Group and APRODEV

Water Blueprint Consultation - Stakeholder Consultation June 2012
Policy Options for the Blueprint to safeguard Europe's waters
IFOAM EU contribution

Sustainable Consumption and Production - Stakeholder Consultation April 2012
IFOAM EU contribution

Ensuring Sustainable Development Globally: EU Follow-up to RIO+20 January 2012

The EU Soil Directive – Building the Foundations for a Quagmire or Healthy Humus? September 2011

Protecting our natural capital - Stakeholder Consultation October 2010
An EU strategy to conserve biodiversity and ensure the provision of ecosystem services by 2020
IFOAM EU contribution

Research and Innovation

Public Consultation on the EU environment policy priorities for 2020: Towards a 7th EU Environment Action Programme May 2012
IFOAM EU contribution

TP Organics comments to the first Horizon 2020 Research Framework proposals of the European Commission November 2011