Common Agricultural Policy

With almost 40% of the EU budget going to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) the decisions made by EU policymakers about which farming systems and practices to promote directly shape the kind of food system we have in the EU. While the CAP has also played a role in the development of organic farming in Europe, investments in organic farming account for a mere 1.5% of current EU agricultural spending. The fact remains that despite improvements over the past decades, sustainability is still not at the core of the CAP’s architecture, making the policy ill-equipped to address the challenges facing the agri-food sector from food security to environmental degradation and climate change.

CAP post-2020: Towards a new deal between farmers and citizens

As part of the organic movement’s Vision 2030 to transform food and farming IFOAM EU is calling for a fundamentally new approach to the CAP which is capable of transitioning European agriculture towards greater sustainability as part of an ambitious implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, forthcoming CAP reforms need to set in motion a new deal between farmers and citizens that secures fair incomes, increases farm resilience, whilst meeting societal expectations.

With decades of experience pioneering sustainable food and farming systems, organic farming is a “living lab” for how farmers can respond to the growing demand for high quality food and at same time deliver benefits for the environment, animal welfare and rural areas. Therefore, the development of organic farming must be at the heart of the CAP.

Key Documents

Report - Using Eco-schemes in the new CAP - A guide for managing authorities

Report - CAP 2021-27: Using the eco-scheme to maximise environmental and climate benefits

Position Paper - Towards a post-2020 CAP that supports farmers and delivers public goods to Europeans

Report - CAP 2014-2020: Organic farming and the prospects for stimulating public goods

Vision - Transforming food and farming: An organic roadmap to our Vision 2030

Position Paper - A CAP for healthy farms, healthy people and healthy planet

Research project - “Towards a new public goods payment model for remunerating farmers under the CAP Post-2020”.