IFOAM EU STATEMENT: New EU promotional policy must be used to increase awareness of organic production

On 15 April the European Parliament adopted revised legislation on information provision and promotion measure for initiatives publicising EU agricultural products on the internal market and in third countries at its plenary in Strasbourg. The revision has also been approved by senior officials in the AGRI Council. The final agreement misses a real opportunity to put more emphasis on the promotion of products oriented towards greater uptake of agro-ecological approaches.  However, it still presents opportunities for organic food and farming.

It is therefore essential that during implementation a clear focus is placed on the promotion of organic production and the new EU organic logo.

"Organic farming is the only EU seal of sustainability widely recognised by consumers for its high quality produce and contribution to public goods such as environmental practices and animal welfare standards,” said Marco Schlüter, IFOAM EU Director. "Therefore it must be at the centre of the new promotional measures to ensure delivery of verifiable sustainable outcomes”.

“With organic farming only representing 8% of the EU’s contribution to EU promotional programmes between 2000 and 2010, policymakers must now use this legislation to build on the recommendations of the new EU Organic Action Plan. To this end a dedicated budget for organic farming must be put in place using the new policy and complimentary CAP instruments. Coordinated actions should seek to increase consumer awareness of organic products and the environmental benefits of organic production.”

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