Stakeholders opinion: current state of organics and visions for 2030

"In 2030 it must be visible that the organic project works for the entire agricultural and food sector. Public investment and political rules will then change the entire system towards organic farming and food."

This is one of the many visions for organic food and farming in 2030 that we at IFOAM EU have received as a response to our vision survey. Find more details in the summary of responses.

Throughout a six-week period in July and August 2014 IFOAM EU consulted with organic minded stakeholders on their thoughts and hopes for the organic food and farming sector. The online survey asked about participants’ perspectives on the key challenges in their specific work area but also about what they thought are the biggest strengths and limitations of the organic sector. Likewise, participants could share their thoughts on what they see as possible beneficial but also negative trends and developments that could impact on the context for organics. In a final visionary exercise participants were invited to develop their visions for the organic food and farming sector by 2030, unhindered by rational considerations.

The survey has been answered by 40 people from 20 different countries – to all of them we extend a big thank you! The highest participation came from the UK with 7 respondents, followed by the Netherlands (5) and Germany (4). All input received will be taken up in our final vision document that will set the direction for the further work priorities and strategies of IFOAM EU.

As announced, three participants to the survey will receive a free entrance to our Vision conference in June 2015. The lucky winners will be contacted directly.

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