Preparing a strategy for organic farming and agro-ecological approaches for the international climate change negotiations

To work out a strategy for mainstreaming organic farming and agro-ecological approaches in the international climate change negotiations, IFOAM EU and the Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change (RTOACC) are organising a seminar on 11 November at the Committee of the Regions. This seminar will bring together scientists, policy-makers and civil society representatives.

The background to this meeting is the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2013/2014) - which reaffirmed the pending threat of climate change to our food and farming systems - showing that even a 1°C rise in global temperatures will have a devastating impact on food production and crop yields.

In order to develop an effective strategy for the organic farming sector, a number of questions will be considered at the meeting, including:

  • How can the forthcoming UNFCCC meetings in Lima (2014) and Paris (2015) begin to embrace agro-ecological solutions for countering climate change?
  • In what ways are EU regions already implementing climate-friendly farming practices based on holistic approaches to sustainability?
  • How can organic agriculture systems and the uptake of agro-ecological approaches counter the climate-smart agriculture narrative to help drive reductions in carbon emissions and improve climate resilience?
  • How can organic farming systems and agro-ecological approaches be prioritised in the EU’s forthcoming Climate package to 2030?
  • What other policy tools and investments are still needed to support climate action by the agri-food sector?

In preparation of the upcoming UNFCCC meetings, the discussions and meeting results will contribute to the development of a strategy for a better uptake of organic farming and agro-ecological approaches in the fight against climate change.

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Hosted by Committee of the Regions


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