New brochure of Best Practice Examples on ‘Transitioning Towards Agroecology’ under CAP published

IFOAM EU, ARC2020, FoEE brochure \"Transitioning Towards Agroecology'IFOAM EU, together with Friends of the Earth Europe, as part of the Agriculture and Rural Convention, ARC2020 civil society platform have launched a new brochure showcasing farming and food best practice initiatives from around Europe on Transitioning Towards Agroecology: Using the CAP to build new food systems.

In the context of the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2014-2020 and in particular new EU Rural Development Programmes, the brochure highlights 10 different initiatives demonstrating best practices towards delivering good food and farming across Europe. Examples range from marketing for traditional orchards in Poland and an organic beef producer group in Ireland to nutrient management and recycling in the Baltic region and the development of organic fruit and vegetable short supply chains for caterers in the UK.

The examples show how Rural Development Programmes supported under Pillar II of the CAP - although underfunded - remain the best vehicle for supporting this necessary agro-ecological transition - if implemented in the right way. However, significantly more of the CAP budget needs to be invested in these approaches to radically improve the overall sustainability of the food chain and to support farmers and rural communities pioneering agro-ecological approaches.

Brochure and more information

Agro-ecological practices pioneered by the organic food and farming movement for decades are seen as a more holistic way to farm and produce food than agro-industrial models of food and farming based on the principles of organic farming - Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care. More information about learning and innovation in organic and agro-ecological farming can be found in TP Organics' Action Plan for Innovation and Learning.

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