New GMO for food and feed about to be authorised based on flawed risk assessment

The Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed issued a ‘no opinion’ vote on the authorisation of Monsanto’s GM Maize ‘MON87427’ for food and feed, import and processing. Next, the Appeal Committee will vote on the issue. If it issues a ‘no opinion’ vote there is a risk that MON87427 could be authorised and enters the food chain.
MON87427 maize is resistance to glyphosate, a pesticide declare carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation. According to TestBiotech, EFSA’s scientific opinion on this maize lacks sufficient data for the maize to be considered safe for health and environment. There are – among others – uncertainties related to the emergence of molecules “that might be transmitted as a biologically active substance at the consumption level to humans or animals” which can interact with gene regulation in mammalian cells in a way that has not been properly assessed. Moreover, concentrations of the protein that provides resistance to the pesticide can be find in forage in twice the concentration than the one obtained from untreated plants.
The absence of data, the existence of contradictory data or scientific uncertainty should be a sufficient reason to stop the authorisation of a GMO.
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