Europe says no to GMOs: organic movement welcomes Member States' bans on GM crops

19 countries - among which four regions - have notified the Commission about their intention to ban GM crop cultivation under the new EU 'opt-out' rules.

European governments had until 3 October to notify the Commission that they want their territory to be excluded from the cultivation of GMOs in the pipeline for authorisation. This includes the renewal of the authorisation of MON810, the only maize currently authorised for cultivation in Europe.

The Commission will now send the 'opt-out' requests to the applicant companies which have one month to communicate their decision. If the Commission recieves no reply this means the companies agree with the Member States' request to exclude their territory from the cultivation of GM crops.

A recent study published by IFOAM EU shows that banning GMO is the most effective way to prevent GMO contamination and to avoid extra costs for the food industry, public authorities and the organic sector.


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