PRESS RELEASE: EU Parliament holds Commission accountable for its promise to make EU GMO authorisation procedure more democratic

Brussels, 28 October 2015 – The organic sector welcomes the European Parliament’s rejection of the “opt-out” proposal on imports of GMOs today and commends MEPs for holding Mr Juncker accountable for his promise to make the EU approval system more democratic.

“The Parliament’s outright rejection of opt-outs for import demonstrates how flawed the Commission’s proposal is,” commented IFOAM EU Policy Manager Eric Gall. “National bans on single GMOs for food and feed would be impossible to implement under the EU’s common market rules. They would not rectify the democratic deficit in the current GM assessment process, nor would they protect organic and other non-GM producers.”

In his political guidelines, President Juncker promised to review the procedural rules governing GMO authorisations in Europe so that “the Commission would no longer be able to authorise GMOs when a clear majority opposes this.” But the unworkable national “opt-out” proposed by the Commission fails to deliver on this commitment.

“IFOAM EU commends MEPS for holding the Commission accountable for its promise to review the EU decision-making process on GMOs. Until the authorisation system becomes more democratic, the Commission will continue to disregard Member States and citizens’ concerns. GMO approvals will continue to lack legitimacy and will face the same controversies.” continued IFOAM EU Policy Manager Eric Gall.

Every new GM crop authorisation threatens operators’ abilities to keep GMOs out of the organic and GM-free supply chain due to the increased risk of contamination and increased cost of preventative measures. Both cultivating and importing GMOs jeopardise the capacity of the organic sector - the European food market's top performer, both in terms of growth and environmental benefits - to provide the GM-free food European consumers want.


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