Happy International Women's Day!

Giving women more resources to practice nutrition-sensitive, organic agriculture can help significantly reduce malnutrition.

On International Women’s Day we highlight how going organic can contribute to achieving household food and nutrition security.

Women farmers play a fundamental role in ensuring food security particularly in rural societies but lack of training and resources often results in yields up to 30% lower than those of male farmers.  Although women are responsible for about half of the world’s food production, female nutrition indicators, across all age groups, are worse than those of their male counterparts.

Empowering women to farm organically can increase yields, provide a greater nutritional diversity of fruit and vegetables for family meals, and increase household income when surplus produce is sold. In the hands of women, increased income leads to an improvement in children’s nutritional intake and general health.

Women who farm organically are also nourishing the soil and protecting biodiversity, essential ingredients for healthy crops, healthy people and a healthy planet!

Show your support by choosing organic and calling on policy-makers to encourage and incentivize women farmers to grow organic! 

#BeBoldForChange #FarmOrganically #GoodFood4All

Hear what Flavia Munaaba Nabugere, chairperson, Green World Women Initiative, and Former State Minister of Environment, Uganda has to say about the importance of biodiversity and agriculture


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