Open letter to Commission President Juncker - GMOs and democratic principles

After the 27 March vote, during which majority of Member States voted against the authorisations of two new GM maize (Bt11 and 1507) and the renewal of another one (MON810), the European Commission must now decide on the future of these proposals. The organic farming movement together with Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace, Safe Food Advocacy Europe, Slow Food and Testbiotech calls on the European Commission to withdraw these proposals.

In a joint letter sent yesterday to the Commission President Juncker, we underlined the lack of political, legal and scientific background around these proposals. In such context, the European Commission must decide to withdraw them and follow the position of European citizens, the European Parliament and Member States.

The organic sector pays a close attention to the decision of the European Commission because of the impact that every new authorisation for cultivation will inevitably have. GMO cultivation heightens the risk of contamination of organic crops and increases costs for those farmers and processors who want their products to remain GMO-free.

Full text of the letter is available here and the technical annex here

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