MFF Post-2020 must be based on sustainability principles

IFOAM EU, in the frame of SDG Watch Europe, is calling for 8 Sustainabilty Principles to be embedded in the Future EU Budget to ensure an ambitious implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 8 Sustainabilty Principles aim to help advance many of the key themes of Scenario 6: Sustainable Europe for its Citizens which was proposed by over 250 civil society as an alternative 'scenario’ to the European Commission's White Paper on the Future of Europe. Both Scenario 6 and the Sustainability Principles come ahead of the tabling of a reflection paper by the Commission on the future of EU Finances to 2025 which complements the White Paper. The Commission is scheduled to launch its proposals for the MFF Post-2020 in 2018. The guiding principles include:

1) Work for the people and with the people

2) Strengthen common European values in Europe annd globally

3) Increase wellbeing and contribute to decreasing inequality

4) Take a holistic approach, support systems change and promote innovation

5) Serve the development of a diversified and resilient economy and society

6) Serve the public good

7) Contribute to decreasing the total environmental pressures

8) Contribute to improving the state of environment and restoring ecosystem services

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