IFOAM EU calls for strong EU 2050 Climate Strategies in joint statement side by side with over 30 organizations.

“Tackling climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face today. If we do not act urgently and ambitiously, the impacts will be catastrophic.”

The Paris Agreement requires all signatories to come up with mid-century decarbonisation plans. In the EU, this will be transposed into the Energy Union governance regulation. However, the proposed regulation is too weak. Therefore, more than 30 groups including business, NGO’s and trade unions have today launched a joint statement in support of stronger 2050 climate strategies. They aim to encourage the EU in favor of making long-term climate strategies compulsory in the Energy Union governance regulation, and to provide guidance to help Member States make their strategies are as strong as possible.

The statement calls for strategies to:

• Be consistent with the Paris Agreement, aiming for EU carbon neutrality by 2050, with legally binding 2050 targets
• Be reviewed regularly and revised upwards in line with science
• Cover all sources of and sinks for greenhouse gas emissions
• Be open and transparent, detailing timing, funding and responsibilities
• Be a basis for shorter term plans

Watch the video statement of Imke Lübbeke, Head of Climate and Energy at WWF European Policy Office.

Source: MaxiMiser

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