5th Organic Processing Conference: 10 take-aways

Improving Organics: Making It Happen - Digital opportunities for organic processors

  1. We need all organic actors, the entire food sector and policy-makers on board to make the new organic Roadmap to ‘Transforming Food & Farming in Europe’ a reality. Check the roadmap on www.euorganic2030.bio
  2. Innovations such as blockchain technology have a great potential to increase transparency and traceability in the organic supply chain
  3. New business models and financial schemes to transform food & farming already exist. Now, they need to shift towards creating a more circular economy instead of enforcing the current paradigm
  4. The Internet of things (IoT) and Virtual reality (VR) are useful tools for giving the value chain access to the consumer, whereas Internet of things (IoT) and Augmented reality (AR) can help in improving the certification procedures
  5. The 'new organic generation’s' key to success is directly engaging with their consumer base and directly linking producers and consumers
  6. The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) sounds the alarm on the wave of mega-mergers sweeping through food systems. Read their report to learn more
  7. The new organic regulation will apply from January 2021. If organic actors are involved in defining the detailed requirements, the new regulation can become a good way to support the development of organics
  8. 90% of the 5th Organic Processing Conference attendees were business representatives
  9. Interested in a particular presentation? The speakers’ interventions are now available on the conference website
  10. Missed the conference or want to relive it? Watch Organic-Market.Info's videos on their YouTube channel


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