LIVESEED analyses the situation regarding organic seed during national visits

IFOAM EU coordinates the LIVESEED project, of which one of the objectives is to strengthen organic seed production and use, and to improve the implementation of the organic regulation on the topic of seed. During the last months the project partners have visited Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania to understand, evaluate and analyse the current state of organic seed in the countries.

National project partners have organised meetings with the ministry, certifiers, seed producers and organic farmers. Information has been exchanged on the practices, problems and opportunities regarding organic seed.

After visiting seven countries it became clear that many national differences exist: the organic seed databases are developed and used to a varying extent; and organic seed production ranges from farmer-led to mainly dependent on external imports. In all countries the project partners met motivated stakeholders that want to increase organic seed production and use, and from every country the project collected best-practices and inspirations that will be published. The next step of the project is to organise regional workshops to bring the stakeholders together to discuss the future actions to reach the aim of 100% organic seed. For further questions, please contact alexandra. fuss [@] Read more about the project on or Facebook and Twitter.

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