TP Organics calls for mission for sustainable food systems in the 9th framework programme for research & innovation

In its response on a Commission’s consultation on the 9th Framework Programme for Research & Innovation (FP9), TP Organics called for a mission for Sustainable Food Systems, with following goals to be achieved by 2030:

  • 50% farmland managed according to organic and agroecological principles
  • 75% pesticide reduction • increase (on-farm) biodiversity • 100% animal welfare
  • 50% food waste reduction
  • 100% sustainable diets

The implementation of this mission will require interdisciplinary research & innovation on farms and in the food industry, based on strong relations among farmers, value chain actors and citizens. We need research to design biodiverse farming systems, make better use of biological processes, better integrate land, food and farming policy, set-up transparent and fair supply chains, and promote sustainable diets.

The concept of “missions” has been proposed by the European Commission to create measurable impacts in FP9, and transform science, technology, industry and society. Missions should have a clearly defined, measurable target to be achieved through a portfolio of research and innovation actions. Read more about the concept of missions in the report of professor Mazzucato and read the position paper of TP Organics on FP9.

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