12th European Organic Congress: Discussion on new economic approaches

Discuss organic farming and new economic approaches with our high-level speakers

Secure your Early Bird ticket for the 12th European Organic Congress, 'Organic on every table: Added value for farmers, consumers and society' in Vienna, Austria, 25-26 September 2018.

Do not miss the concluding plenary: ‘The role of organic in future economies: Upscaling vs. new economic approaches’. This session will focus on new economic models that can trigger a large-scale transition towards sustainable agriculture that respects the environment and provides economic stability to rural communities. Can this be achieved by strengthening instruments already in place today, such as public support for organic farming in the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy‘s rural development measures, or do we need new approaches like green taxation systems, as proposed within the “economy for the common good”?

Join this discussion with well-known economists, think-tanks, CEOs and entrepreneurs, to explore the economic triggers needed to realise the organic movement’s vision: 50% of Europe’s farmland managed under organic principles by 2030.

Be there to voice your opinion – register today! Visit the congress website for further details on the programme, venue and more.

The congress excursion registration is open! Register now and secure your place in a field visit of selected organic farms and companies in Lower Austria! The number of participants is limited. Read more about the excursion.

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