Call for Organic Innovations is open until 15 September

TP Organics launches a Call for Organic Innovations for the 4th time, to collect solutions that contribute to the transformation of European food & farming systems based on organic and agroecological principles. Such solutions should contribute to 1 of the following goals that TP Organics wants to see achieved by 2030:

  • 50% of European farmland managed according to organic and agroecological principles;
  • 75% pesticide reduction;
  • Increase in (on-farm) biodiversity;
  • 100% animal welfare;
  • 50% food waste reduction; and
  • 100% sustainable diets.

These goals are part of the Mission that TP Organics has proposed to be funded by Horizon Europe, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for the period 2021-2027.

TP Organics is looking for innovations from the organic or agroecological sector that have proven their effectiveness and show high potential to be scaled up. The innovations should contribute to all 3 pathways of transition:

  • Efficiency: Produce more food with less waste, less environmental pollution, and less land degradation.
  • Consistency: Food & farming systems adapted to territorial, cultural, and socio-economic contexts, respecting the carrying capacity of ecosystems.
  • Sufficiency: Avoid that reductions in environmental impact are nullified by increases in consumption (rebound effect).

Application & award ceremony

The complete description of the call themes, the submission guidelines as well as the submission template can be found here. Applications for the Call for Organic Innovations should be submitted by sending the filled in form to info [at] before 15 September.

The winner will be awarded at this year’s edition of the Organic Innovation Days on 28 November in Brussels, and have the opportunity to present its innovation to a broad audience of companies, researchers, and policy makers. The award ceremony of this year’s Organic Innovation Days will take place at the G-STIC conference that promotes integrated solutions for accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. All eligible submissions will receive a certificate of participation, and will be showcased at the Innovation Arena of the TP Organics website.


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