IFOAM EU’s concerns about the revision of the general food law (regulation 178/2002)

Following the European Citizens’ Initiative asking for a ban on glyphosate, the European Commission proposed a regulation on transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment amending the General Food Law. Modifications proposed by the European Commission also concern the GMOs legislation (Directive 2001/18/EC and Regulation 1829/2003) and transparency.

IFOAM EU is particularly concerned by two modifications proposed by the Commission regarding GMOs and confidentiality, which would allow ‘DNA sequence information’ and ‘breeding patterns and strategies’ to be considered as confidential information, if the proposal would be adopted. This would be a backward step regarding transparency and the current legislation on GMOs, as this information is crucial, in particular for farmers and breeders to be able to avoid GMOs contamination.

IFOAM EU has called on MEPs to ensure that this proposal will actually not reduce transparency.

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