Horizon Europe – TP Organics works with European Parliament and Council to prioritise organic and agroecology

At the end of September, the members of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) of the European Parliament tabled almost 3,000 amendments to the proposals on Horizon Europe. Jakop Dalunde, Swedish Member of European Parliament for the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, made several amendments supporting research for organic and agroecological farming, while emphasizing civil society engagement, and asking for transdisciplinary and multi-actor research. Jakop Dalunde asked that “the budget dedicated to research aimed specifically at agroecological approaches to benefit both organic and conventional systems shall be ring-fenced at 20% of the total budget spent on agriculture, forestry, rural areas and food systems.”. TP Organics is analysing all amendments and will prepare recommendations for the vote on the reports in the ITRE Committee, which is expected on 21 November.

In a meeting with Christian Naczinsky, Chief coordinator of the Austrian EU Council Presidency in the field of research and Head of Department for EU and OECD Research Policy, TP Organics again stressed the importance of organic research and of involving civil society in research programming.

Regarding the missions, a new form of objective-focused research programmes in Horizon Europe, the European Commission has drawn a list of 12 themes on request of the Council. One of the themes proposed is “healthy sustainable and resilient agri-food systems”. The final list of missions will be included in an annex to the legal texts, to be adopted as implementing act. TP Organics will work to prioritise organic and agroecology in the description of the agri-food mission.

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