European Days of Action – Good Food Good Farming Campaign 27-28 October

In the face of the reform of the negotiation process of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Good Food Good Farming encourages all members of civil society to take part in CapSnap, a campaign created to strengthen the collective voice in light of the need to support and protect the rights of farmers and consumers against major global powers.

The campaign demands Member States for a fair, healthy and green CAP based on a ‘public money for public goods’ approach, which prohibits the use of practices deemed harmful for the environment, animal welfare, or the rights and health of small-scale farmers and workers.

Follow the campaign on Twitter using #goodfoodgoodfarming and on it’s website.

The Common Agricultural Policy is an important key for the future of food in Europe and it needs in-depth reform in order to function in the benefit of the society. Many of its policy aspects are in favour of large-scale agribusinesses and short-term, quick gains, rather than supporting the interests of the public.


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