IFOAM EU calls for a moratorium on gene-drive

In November, the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will have important discussions on the Convention and on the Cartagena and Nagoya Protocols, related to genetic engineering techniques and genetic resources. 

Notably, parties will discuss about gene-drive technology that aims to genetically modify or even eradicate entire populations, for example mosquitoes. A number of applications of gene drive are actually envisaged in the agri-food sector. Because of the lack of knowledge and the potential serious ecological and societal effects of this technique,  IFOAM EU calls for an international moratorium on the release into the environment of organisms modified by gene-drive technology. 

Together with 27 other NGOs, IFOAM EU called the European Commission to support this moratorium during the negotiation on the Convention held in November. You can support IFOAM EU’s call for this by sharing our message on Twitter and Facebook.

IFOAM EU also co-signed, an international ‘call to protect food systems from genetic extinction technology: the global food and agriculture movement says NO to release of gene drives’ with more than 200 organisations and prominent individuals.

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