LIVESEED cross-visit France - report & video published

For 3 days (4-7 June 2018), participants of the LIVESEED cross-visit exchanged knowledge about organic seed production in Maisse, France. The organic seed producer UBIOS opened its doors to 20 participants from all over Europe. ITAB invited seed producers from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece who had the chance to visit the seed cleaning station.

A short report was published on the LIVESEED website, introducing the concept of cross-visits within the project. The report covers impressions of the participants, proposed topics to be discussed more in depth, a reflection on the methodology as well as the outcomes and impact of the cross-visit in France, and also includes the list of participants and programme.

In addition, a video was published in order to communicate the method and topic of organic seed production to a broader audience. It illustrates the cross-visit, showing both what was presented by the seed producers (their organisation and way of producing), and what the participants will take home and bring back to their country. All participants could extend and share their knowledge with each other, e.g. about intercropping systems.

More visits are planned in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany in 2019-2020.

LIVESEED is coordinated by IFOAM EU to demonstrate and promote smart practices in organic seed production.


LIVESEED received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Liveseed (No 72723).

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