Civil society acknowledges potential of the EU Plant Protein Plan

On 22-23 November, the Conference on the Development of Plant Proteins brought together around 200 experts from agricultural supply chains, researchers, advisors and other key stakeholders in an open discussion about the challenges and opportunities on the current plant protein production in the EU.

In preparation of this, IFOAM EU and seven other civil society organisations wrote a set of recommendations aimed at improving the recently published strategy.

The signees acknowledge the plan’s potential and agree that it represents an important development opportunity for the European agricultural system. The letter, addressed to Gerfried Gruber, the Head of Department for the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Agriculture of Austria, stressed the necessity of introducing new measures to reduce production and consumption of animal products.

Another concern brought up by the signees is the importance of promoting agroecological farming, mainly by assisting farmers in the transition from intensive animal farming towards the more sustainable alternatives. Lastly, the letter encouraged the adoption of an EU Action Plan on deforestation and forest degradation.

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