Non-GMO food and feed industry demands safeguarding GMO-free production

On 28 November, 75 non-GMO food and feed companies from ten European countries sent an open letter to Commission President Juncker and Health Commissioner Andriukaitis, asking them to swiftly implement the measures required as a result of the ruling of the European Court of Justice on new genetic engineering techniques, to safeguard GMO-free production in Europe.

The signatory companies – including the retailers Edeka, Rewe and SPAR – generated sales of 144.2 billion EUR in 2017 and employ 833,000 people.They call on the European Commission to ensure the protection of the European internal market against products manufactured outside Europe using new genetic engineering methods.

The companies believe that the Commission should ensure that detection methods are available for products manufactured using the processes of new genetic engineering. The Commission has to guarantee labelling, traceability and effective controls for the import of agricultural goods from the countries where plants produced with new genetic engineering methods are cultivated. In addition, a global transparency register is proposed, which would cover all GMOs worldwide, both old and new. The companies also call the Commission to resist current lobby attempts to soften the existing EU GMO legislation.

IFOAM EU welcomes this initiative from the non-GMO conventional sector, which clearly shows that concerns about a potential lack of traceability of new GM products are shared beyond the organic sector.

For more information, read the letter on Ohne Gentechnik’s website, and read about IFOAM EU’s work on GMO’s.

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