New factsheet on protein crops available on the EIP-AGRI website

EIP-AGRI has published a Factsheet on protein crops in November 2018. It highlights the Focus Group results on how to improve the competitiveness of protein crops in the EU at yield, breeding and supply chain level. The factsheet also includes ideas for Operational Groups, research needs from practice and inspirational ideas.

EIP-AGRI Service Point has also a brochure on Competitive protein crops (2015), the brochure highlights the current challenges in 2015 and provides examples of cooperation between the key players.
The Focus group on ‘Protein Crops’ has addressed the question: How can the competitiveness of protein crops in the EU be improved? The Focus group had 20 experts from different countries through Europe, including farmers, people working in the feed industry, researchers and advisers. You can find here their final report from 2014.

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